Introducing O'THENTIQUE!

You're someone who's bored with the same old home décor. You don't want you're house to have as much personality as a goldfish.

You want a change from the mass produced, same old products you find in every chain store in the country. 

You want something O'THENTIQUE!

At O'THENTIQUE we offer a range of home decor that is unlike anything you can find elsewhere. Our Danish, English and Asian Design team are constantly coming up with new ideas and developing new products.

You might not like all our ideas, in fact we don't expect you to. But at least we have them! And we have so many of them that we're sure you'll find plenty that you do love.

Our products are not easy to make, our ceramics are handcrafted, our wood is hand selected and hand carved, our lacquer is hand made.

We do products that China can't make, they don't have the skill or patience. We don't want to make 1000 pieces as quickly as possible. We concentrate on the details and the quality of every individual piece.

We found what we needed in Thailand. Throughout the country the expertise in handicrafts was exactly what we were looking for. We know exactly where our materials come from, so we know they're from sustainable sources.

We know who makes each and every piece.

This unique relationship allows us to order exactly what we want and get the products we think you''ll love. </font></font

This does not mean that all our items in the same range will match exactly. In fact we know they won't. When you're working with natural materials and making things by hand there will be differences and imperfections. What we do know is that every piece is unique and we think that is far more important.

Take a look around. We know you'll find something you will love owning as much as we loved designing it. 

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