‘Nature’s Own’ Hollow Driftwood Lamp

‘Nature’s Own’ Hollow Driftwood Lamp is made from naturally formed hollow Acacia trunk. Who knew the mother of nature herself could create this stunning piece of art! Years after year the trees had grown and formed into the stunning shape. This gorgeous light will look great anywhere you place it. We use all natural materials, so take it as a mystery gift! no two lights will ever look exactly the same so you know you're getting something completely unique.


• ‘Nature’s Own’ Hollow Driftwood Lamp creates Traditional Touch for any Room
• Handmade by skilled professional in Thailand
• Fitted with a High Quality E26 socket and 8 feet black cord
• Modern Contemporary Look Hanging Pendant Lamp Perfect as Home Decor, Bedside, Living Room, Bedroom, Kids Room, Office, Study Room, Den, Library
• 14-Inch Long by 5.9-Inch Wide by 24-Inch High, Ready Made